Why the Icon Laser Is a Great Anti-Aging Option

Why the Icon Laser Is a Great Anti-Aging Option

Time is a formidable foe as it marches on, littering your skin with the telltale signs of its passage. No more so is this true than when it comes to your face, which is one of the most exposed areas on your body.

At Cosmetic Surgery Center, our mission is to provide our Oklahoma City clients with the best tools available to clean up the aftermath of aging. Until recently, the most effective solution has been surgical, but thanks to new laser technologies like our Icon™ Aesthetic System, we can breathe new life into aging skin with nothing but light.

Here’s why the Icon laser should be a part of your anti-aging arsenal.

Know your foe

Age and time have an ever-increasing effect on your body, which is made very clear by your skin. This large organ covers an amazing 21-22 square feet, and its primary role is to shield you from everything the world throws at you. From the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays to invading bacteria, your skin is your first line of defense, and it takes a beating in this role.

During your earlier years, your skin had ample resources to continually rebuild its defenses, but as you age, these resources begin to dry up, as does your skin. To start, when you enter your 30s, your production of collagen and elastin begins to naturally decline. These two structural proteins are critical for maintaining tone and elasticity in your skin, but when their supply lines begin to peter out, your skin is left to thin and sag, forming lines both fine and deep.

If you couple this decline in your structural proteins with the years of wear and tear, your tissue has a hard time keeping up with the damage and begins to succumb to the forces of aging. As a result, you’re left with wrinkles, areas of hyperpigmentation, more pronounced scars, facial veins, and more.

Shedding light on anti-aging

While we can’t stop time, we can fight back with innovative laser technology that works with your body to rebuild healthier tissue. Using our Icon laser system, we deliver intense pulsed light beams into your skin, which create a network of tiny microchannels across the surface. These very small “injuries” elicit a healing response in your body, kicking your collagen and elastin production into gear.

As these proteins enter the microchannels to provide support, it creates a stronger network that benefits the entire surface area. This overall tightening and firming of your skin helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines, leaving your skin more toned and even.

Zeroing in

The Icon is an incredibly versatile technology that allows us to target very specific problems. For example, if exposure has led to facial veins near the surface of your skin, the Icon laser can shut them down and eliminate them. As well, the light energy generated by the Icon is absorbed by your melanin, which can break up areas of hyperpigmentation, such as age spots and freckles.

Getting underway

If you want us to revitalize your skin with our Icon laser, the good news is that there’s no downtime after the hour-long procedure (though times may vary depending upon the size of the treatment area).

You may experience some redness in your treatment areas, but this side effect is generally short-lived. Because we rely on rebuilding your skin from the inside out, you’ll need to be patient, as your results gradually become evident over the weeks, and even months, following your treatment. This is because your body continues to synthesize collagen long after your initial visit with us.

About 6-12 weeks post-treatment, your patience will be rewarded with younger-looking skin that defies your age.

If you’d like to fight back with one off the top anti-aging tools, give us a call to set up an Icon laser treatment. Or you can use the online booking button to make your appointment.


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