Summer Bodies Are Made in the Spring: Start SculpSure Treatment Now

summer body

Back in December during the holidays, perhaps you didn’t make it to the gym as many times as you’d hoped. In January, you got back on track eating healthy and working out, and thought for sure you’d be swimsuit ready in just a few months. While you do see an improvement from all your hard work, those problem areas might be taking a bit longer than you anticipated to become slim and toned.

Don’t fret! You’re on the right track. You absolutely have to start working toward your summer body long before the sunshine and warmer temperatures roll in. And if you’re having trouble with your trouble spots, SculpSure® body-contouring treatments offer an effective solution.

You might be surprised to learn that here at Cosmetic Surgery Center in Oklahoma City, our highly acclaimed cosmetic surgeons, Dr. Trent Fogleman and Dr. Paul Benien, Jr., also offer a variety of nonsurgical treatments. If you’re not interested in surgery, but you still want to look your best poolside this summer, you can start SculpSure treatments now.

Like Rome, summer bodies aren’t built in a day

While it certainly won’t take as long as it did to build Rome, building a more sculpted body typically takes months of hard work, including a rigorous diet and exercise program. But like an errant dog, not all body fat responds well to strict training.

Maybe you have a belly pooch that doesn’t get any tighter no matter how many crunches and planks you do. Or perhaps it’s your jiggly thighs that you just can’t seem to spin into shape on that stationary bike. If you’re extra fortunate, you’ve got back fat that’s accentuated by your bra strap — not to mention what bathing suit straps will do for it.

Before you panic, take a deep breath and read this: There’s still time to get a more sculpted body before summer, but you have to start now. Keep breathing and keep reading to learn how.

SculpSure body contouring treatments eliminate fat over several weeks

SculpSure eliminates fat over time, which is why it’s so important to begin treatments now for a slender body this summer. SculpSure’s innovative laser technology targets fat cells deep below the surface of your skin. The special applicators can be placed precisely where you want fat to disappear from, including your:

You can even receive SculpSure treatments for the fat under your chin.

The applicators have a built-in cooling system, so while thermal energy from the laser is heating up your fat cells to melt them into nonexistence, your skin remains at a comfortable temperature. Once the heat from the laser destroys up to 24% of the fat cells in a treated area, your body’s lymphatic system finishes the job.

Over the next 12 weeks after a SculpSure body-contouring treatment, your body eliminates dead fat cells, and they never return. While you may begin to notice an improvement after just six weeks, the really amazing results become visible about 12 weeks after treatment. If you start now, you’ll be wearing your bathing suit with renewed confidence this summer.

Over 90% satisfaction rate and the “most worth it” treatment

This FDA-cleared fat-reduction system stands up to its claims. With a more than 90% satisfaction rate and a customized treatment plan created just for you, you’ll get noticeable results without pain, without surgery, and without downtime. In fact, SculpSure body-contouring treatments recently won the 2019 Patients’ Choice award for “Most Worth It” treatment by readers of RealSelf®.

Each treatment takes just 25 minutes, and you can treat more than one area during the same SculpSure appointment. You might be completely happy with one treatment session, but most men and women achieve their desired results after a series of treatments. Your provider at Cosmetic Surgery Center recommends the best solution for your individual needs and the amount of fat you’d like to lose.

A permanent solution for those hard-to-treat areas

Just as easy as the SculpSure treatments themselves are the permanent results. Once fat cells are destroyed and your body flushes them away, they never grow back.

Fat loss is different from weight loss. With weight loss, your fat cells merely shrink in size, but they remain in those stubborn areas, like your belly or love handles. However, with SculpSure laser treatments, fat cells don’t just shrink, they disappear forever.

As long as you continue your healthy lifestyle, you can continue to enjoy your flatter abs and toned thighs indefinitely. Imagine if your trouble spots were no longer your trouble spots? You’d be ready for summer any time of the year.

Want to learn how SculpSure can help you transition from the colder weather to soaking up the sunshine in your favorite beach outfit? Call our friendly team here at Cosmetic Surgery Center or click the button to request an appointment.

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