Lip Fillers Give You Something to Smile About

Lips come in a range of unique shapes and sizes, but full, kissable lips have long been considered a hallmark of youth and feminine beauty. It certainly isn’t surprising, then, that lip fillers have very nearly become a standard beauty treatment for women of all ages.

Thanks to ongoing breakthroughs in aesthetic medicine, lip filler products are safer and longer-lasting than ever before. Plus, advanced injection techniques make it even easier to achieve balanced, natural-looking results.

Whether you were born with naturally thin lips or the full lips of your youth have become less defined with age, enhancing your lips with the right type of filler can give you the smooth, voluminous lips you’ve always wanted. Here’s what you should know before you schedule your appointment.

How fillers add volume and definition to your lips

During a lip augmentation treatment, a filler made from natural or synthetic biocompatible material is skillfully injected into your lips, where it acts as a fat substitute to plump them up and subtly redefine their shape.

There are a wide variety of lip filler products on the market today, and each one comes with its own unique benefits and results. While one type of filler may be better for creating a decidedly youthful, pillowy appearance, another may be better for enhancing your lips without drawing too much attention to your new look.

Here at the Cosmetic Surgery Center, we specialize in permanent lip enhancement using Silikon® 1000, a pure, medical-grade silicone filler that delivers beautiful results with no downtime and virtually no risk of side effects.

When to consider lip fillers

You may feel self-conscious about how your naturally thin lips look, especially if they disappear when you smile, or you may feel that the natural effects of aging have made your lips so thin that they seem a bit out of balance with your other facial features. Either way, lip fillers are a quick, easy way to get beautiful, voluminous lips at virtually any age.

While the minimally invasive treatment has become increasingly popular among women in their 20s and 30s, plenty of women in their 40s and beyond are also turning to fillers to give their natural beauty a subtle boost.

If you’re considering lip fillers but you already have fairly full lips, you may be better off using a lipstick or gloss designed to temporarily plump up the volume. That’s because your lip area is very sensitive and even a tiny amount of filler can make lips that are already shapely protrude in a rather inelegant way.

Lip fillers are quick, easy, and virtually painless

Because we use a tiny needle to administer the Silikon 1000 lip fillers, the treatment itself is quick, easy, and virtually painless. It doesn’t even require a topical anesthetic. In fact, those who’ve had the injection say it feels like nothing more than a tiny pinch.

We use a microdroplet injection technique to ease the filler in and ensure your lips maintain proportion and balance. Once it’s injected, the filler stimulates your body to form collagen around the microdroplets, leaving your lips smoother, fuller, and more defined.

Although it takes just one treatment to achieve immediate and permanent results, you may choose to have minor touch-up injections in the future to prolong or enhance your results.  

If you’re ready to for beautiful, full lips that will turn heads for all the right reasons, call our Oklahoma City office or schedule an appointment online today.

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