If You're Self-Conscious About the Appearance of Your Vagina, Labiaplasty Can Help

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to reaching your aesthetic goals. With modern surgical techniques, we can open up your eyes, change the appearance of your nose, and even address problematic genitalia. Called a labiaplasty, this surgical procedure is helping women feel more confident and comfortable with their vaginal areas.

At Cosmetic Surgery Center, our top-rated cosmetic surgeons Dr. Trent Fogleman and Dr. Paul Benien Jr. offer the latest cosmetic procedures that help women in Oklahoma City feel great about their bodies, from head to toe. If your external vaginal area is unsightly or bothersome, a labiaplasty is just the ticket for giving you the confidence you need, in and out of your clothes.

Why a labiaplasty?

There are many reasons why women of all ages turn to a labiaplasty. Your labia are designed to provide protection for your vagina, but sometimes this protection may be too large for the job. In fact, one of the primary drivers behind a labiaplasty, in which we shorten your labia minora, is due to tissue that extends too far. This extra tissue can be especially problematic when wearing bathing suits or athletic gear, as it can peep outside your clothing.

Your labia may also be uneven, which is a problem we can easily correct through a labiaplasty.

While some women are born with these issues, others experience a change in their external genitalia due to childbirth, age, or weight gain.

Aesthetics aside, this extra tissue may present some significant problems with comfort. If your labia twists or tugs, especially during activities like riding a bike or simply walking down the street, we can remove the excess tissue through a labiaplasty. As well, some women report that their labia can interfere with sexual intercourse.

What’s involved in a labiaplasty?

There are two ways we can go about a labiaplasty, both of which we perform on an outpatient basis. In the first, we simply trim the excess tissue, and in the second, we remove a wedge-shaped piece of tissue and draw the two ends together.

In either case, we place you under general anesthesia for your comfort and perform the quick procedure. Once we clear you to go home afterward, you should arrange to have someone drive you.

Your recovery after a labiaplasty should only take a few weeks. We do ask that you refrain from strenuous activities and sexual intercourse during this period to allow time for your genitalia to heal properly. You can ease your recovery by preparing ahead of time and ensuring that you’ve got something comfortable to sit on during the first sensitive days of recovery. 

You’ll also likely experience some swelling afterward, which resolves itself as your tissue heals. As the swelling abates, you’ll see the new shape of your labia emerge.

If you’re uncomfortable with your genitalia, a labiaplasty may be just the solution you’re looking for. Simply give us a call at 405-265-9255 or request an appointment using our easy online scheduling tool

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