Hormone Replacement Therapy: Your Escape from Uncomfortable Menopause Symptoms

For many women, the release from the monthly grind of menstrual cycles that comes with menopause can be very appealing. Unfortunately, this transition out of your reproductive years can be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, as it can also bring on some very unpleasant side effects, from weight gain to trouble sleeping because of night sweats.

At Cosmetic Surgery Center, Dr. Trent Fogleman and our team want our patients in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, to look and feel great at any age. To that end, we offer a suite of cutting-edge and science-based services that addresses cosmetic needs, as well as those issues that are unique to women, such as menopause. This includes an advanced approach to offsetting the symptoms of menopause through hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

So if your journey through menopause is plagued by uncomfortable, and even life-altering side effects, here’s how we can smooth the transition through our hormone replacement therapy.

The different shades of menopause

The symptoms of menopause are almost as varied as the women who make this transition. While some women pass through this stage of life with nary a disruption, others struggle with ongoing side effects that present serious quality-of-life issues. Most women fall somewhere in between, experiencing some degree of change on the heels of this sudden drop in hormones.

Most women begin perimenopause in their late 40s, and the average age when women complete the transition into menopause is between 51 and 52.

The primary driver of menopause is the shutting down of your ovaries, which are not only responsible for releasing your eggs, but they also produce much of your body’s reproductive hormones, namely estrogen and progesterone. The loss of these hormones can have a widespread impact on your body and lead to:

Women experience different degrees of these symptoms — some endure only a few months of mild symptoms while others are saddled with severe menopause symptoms that last for years. If you tend toward the latter, HRT can help.

Finding a replacement

As the name suggests, HRT is a technique we use to replenish the dwindling reserves of hormones in order to restore some balance in your body. At Cosmetic Surgery Center, we’re pleased to offer bioidentical hormones, which we deliver through pellets that we place just under your skin.

There are many advantages to using bioidentical pellets, starting with the fact that these hormones are derived from completely natural resources — typically soy and yams. These products contain a chemical that’s synthesized into hormones that are identical in molecular structure to the reproductive hormones your body produces (or used to!).

And by inserting these bioidentical hormones under your skin with slow-release pellets, we’re able to provide you with a steady and stable supply of hormones that lasts for months, providing you with long-lasting relief from your menopause symptoms. This also means you don’t have to rely on oral pills or hormonal creams.

When each pellet is done, we can simply insert another dose under your skin to maintain your great results.

If you’d like to make your transition through menopause more comfortable with hormone replacement therapy, give us a call at (405)265-9255 to set up an appointment or use our easy online scheduling tool.

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