Considering Breast Implant Removal? Here's What We Want You to Know

While breast augmentation is the number two plastic surgery in the United States, with nearly 300,000 in 2022, there are times when we perform the procedure in the opposite direction with breast implant removal. In the same year, nearly 38,000 people underwent breast implant removal, for a number reasons.

At Cosmetic Surgery Center, we understand that, while our breast augmentation services enjoy fantastic success and satisfaction rates, there are times when they don’t work out. For these occasions, Dr. Trent Fogleman can perform breast implant removal, getting you back to where you started.

Common reasons for breast implant removal

While each person has their own reasons for wanting their breast implants removed, we wanted to give an idea of some of the more common drivers, which include:

Sometimes, clients come to us to have their breast implants removed because they simply feel as if they’ve run their course.

What happens when we remove breast implants

The procedure to remove your breast implants isn’t typically any more complicated than your original procedure and, often, it can be simpler.

For example, if we’re removing saline implants, we make a small incision to drain and remove the implants. Or, if we’re removing a silicone implant, we make an incision underneath your breast in your mammary fold or around your areola and remove the implant.

There are times, however, when breast implant removal may not be so straightforward. To wit, if we’re removing a leaking silicone implant, we need to remove the implant, as well as any silicone that has escaped. Or, if there’s uncomfortable scar tissue in the capsule that formed around the implant, we remove this tissue at the same time as the implant.

Rest assured, we have a very good idea what the procedure entails before we perform your breast implant removal surgery so that you’re well prepared.

After your breast implant removal surgery

We place you under general anesthesia to perform the implant removal, so you’ll be groggy afterward. Most patients can go home the same day, but you’ll need to arrange for a ride.

When you get home, we suggest that you take it easy for a few days and follow our aftercare instructions carefully, especially if we’ve placed drains.

Recovery should take a few weeks, and any swelling should slowly subside during this time. We follow your progress closely, and we can let you know when it’s OK to get back to more strenuous activities.

If you have more questions about breast implant removal, feel free to contact our office in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, to schedule an appointment.

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