Bothered by Sun Damaged Skin? Consider Renuvion®

When spring and summer roll around, you want to shed those bulky clothes and let your skin soak in the warmth. Unfortunately, years of exposing your skin to the sun can do a lot of damage and lead to saggy skin that you’re less-than-keen to show off.

To help tighten sun-damaged skin, Drs. Trent Fogleman and Paul Benien Jr. offer an innovative skin-tightening technology here at Cosmetic Surgery Center. It’s called Renuvion.

Here’s a look at how the sun can wreak havoc on your skin — and more importantly, how we can turn back the clock on the damage.

Enemy number one

There are many forces that combine to break down your skin, including age, loss of collagen, and exposure to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. This last culprit — exposure to the sun — is responsible for up to 90% of the visible signs of aging in your skin, including wrinkles and tissue that succumbs to gravity and sags.

The reason the sun is enemy number one when it comes to skin damage is that the UV rays break down the connective fibers in your skin, including elastin. Without this structural support, your skin loosens, sags, and wrinkles.

Unfortunately, this process is far more evident in the areas that you don’t usually cover up in all seasons, such as your face, not to mention your arms, legs, and abdomen during the warmer months.

Fighting back against sun damage

While there’s no way to turn back the clock on all of those care-free days you spent out of doors basking in the sunshine, we do have a tool that can help rebuild your skin from within and without.

Called Renuvion, this technology is both a skin-tightening and skin-resurfacing device (we can do one or the other, or both). 

To give you an idea about how Renuvion works, if you want to tighten the skin around your stomach, neck, back, thighs, breasts, arms, and/or legs, we use a technique called J-plasty. With the Renuvion system, we deliver both helium plasma and radiofrequency energy into your tissue via a small tube called a cannula. This approach heats up your tissue to the right temperature for maximum tissue contraction and then quickly cools your skin back down again.

This heating and cooling process occurs in mere seconds, which is all it takes to initiate the process that tightens your skin from below.

If you’re concerned about sun damage on the surface of your skin, we can turn to resurfacing with Renuvion. Using the same technology, we can ablate the surface of your skin to eliminate damaged skin cells and pave the way for healthier, new ones to take their place. 

This technique also spurs a collagen response in your tissue, which helps rebuild the structural support in the tissue. This type of resurfacing is ideal for sun spots, fine lines, and other blemishes created by sun exposure.

If you want to hit the reset button on sun-damaged skin before summer rolls around again, contact our office in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, to set up your Renuvion consultation.

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