Beyond the Peel: Laser Skin Resurfacing Takes Your Skin to the Next Level

Aging can take a toll on your skin, and no more so is this true than on your face, neck, and chest — arguably the three most highly exposed areas of skin. There are a number of ways in which you can rejuvenate aging skin, from chemical peels to a surgical facelift. But the use of laser technology is, quite literally, changing the face of anti-aging.

At Cosmetic Surgery Center, both Dr. Trent Fogleman and Dr. Paul Benien Jr., have extensive experience in helping our patients address any number of cosmetic concerns, with the effects that aging has on skin at the top of the list. While both of our doctors are highly qualified surgeons, they recognized early on that laser technology has the potential to garner the same dramatic results as anti-aging surgery, which is why we’ve equipped our practice with some of the leading lasers in the field. These tools allow us to eliminate the signs of aging by resurfacing and rejuvenating your skin, making you look years younger.

Here’s a look at how laser skin resurfacing can take your skin to the next level.

Getting smart about aging skin

One of the tools we rely on for tackling aging skin is Smartskin+®, which is a micro-ablative skin resurfacing workstation. This innovative technology allows us to offer resurfacing treatments that bring you smoother texture, a more even, youthful tone, and a dramatic reduction in the appearance of wrinkles.

The laser system uses CO2 technology, which is ideal for:

It also helps get rid of dyschromia, which is areas of hyperpigmentation in your skin, such as age spots. Smartskin+ delivers the laser energy into your skin where it breaks apart old tissue, including pigmentation, to allow healthier, smoother skin to take its place.

In addition to ablating the outer layers of your skin, the CO2 energy travels into the deeper layers to elicit a collagen response, which helps rebuild more toned skin from the inside out.

We‘re also equipped with an erbium laser which works in much the same way as our Smartskin+ laser, but the technology is more precise, allowing us to address specific problems in smaller areas.

The road to younger-looking skin

With Smartskin+ and our erbium laser, we’re able to address your aging concerns with just one treatment that typically takes less than an hour. After your laser skin resurfacing, you should count on 5-7 days of downtime as the outer layers of your skin peel away to reveal healthier skin below.

While this first step is similar to a chemical peel, what a peel can’t offer is the ongoing anti-aging effects beneath the surface. After your laser skin resurfacing treatment, your body responds to this intentionally induced “trauma,” by sending in resources, namely cells that produce more collagen and elastin to shore up and strengthen your skin. 

Over the weeks following your laser skin resurfacing, renewed collagen production lifts the new layers of your skin for a firmer surface, restoring the tone you had in years past.

If you’d like to achieve facelift-like results without undergoing surgery, laser skin resurfacing may be just the right procedure to breathe new life into your aging skin. To get started, simply contact our office in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, to set up a consultation.

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