Why Do I Have Cellulite, and Is There Anything I Can Do About It?

Why Do I Have Cellulite, and Is There Anything I Can Do About It?

If you’re female and you’ve passed through puberty, your chances for developing cellulite are very high. In fact, 80-90% of women develop cellulite, as opposed to only 10% of men.

If you find yourself hiding your body because of lumpy, bumpy skin, Cosmetic Surgery Center’s Dr. Trent Fogleman can help.

Here’s how.

Dimples can be cute, but only on your face

In order to better understand how we can restore your smooth skin, it’s helpful to review how cellulite develops in the first place.

Cellulite results from fat pushing through the connective fibers in your skin, creating a dimpled and lumpy surface. In most cases, cellulite develops in your buttocks, hips, upper thighs, and abdomen, which makes sense given that these areas are where your body prefers to store fat.

Cellulite affects women at a much higher rate than men for two primary reasons. The first is one that we touched on above — women tend to carry more subcutaneous fat in certain areas, which means there’s more fat toward the surface of your skin.

Second, the patterns of the connective tissues inside the dermis are different between men and women. In men, they form a tighter criss-cross pattern, while in women the connective tissues run parallel to one another, providing more opportunity for fat to push through.

Interestingly, cellulite doesn’t appear to be influenced too much by weight, as women who are on the skinnier side also develop the condition. Of course, carrying extra weight does mean that more fat can push through, which can make your cellulite more severe and pronounced.

We also believe that reproductive hormones can play a role, as higher levels of estrogen are associated with cellulite.

Smoothing things over

Recognizing the degree of the problem, we’ve equipped ourselves with an exciting technology called TempSure® Firm that can temporarily smooth your skin. TempSure Firm delivers monopolar radiofrequency (RF) energy into your skin that heats up the connective tissues, causing them to release their tight hold on your fat.

At the same time, we massage the epidermis so that your skin appears tighter and firmer from the outside, as well.

The TempSure Firm treatments are noninvasive, and it takes us only five minutes to treat each area.

After your treatment, you may realize immediate results as your skin responds to the RF energy, but most of our patients see results in a few weeks.

When it comes to how long you will enjoy your smoother skin, it’s impossible to say here, as results can vary. Please note that no matter their duration, the results are temporary. Since the TempSure Firm treatments are so quick and easy, however, all you need to do is come back for another round to maintain tighter, smoother skin in your target areas.

If you’d like to greet summer with less cellulite and smoother, more evenly toned skin, contact our office Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, to schedule your TempSure Firm treatment today.

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