Resolve to Regain Your Pre Pregnancy Body, from Breast to Bottom

Your pregnancy journeys are over, and your family is beautiful. While those smiling children may be a source of great pride, the effects that pregnancy can have on your body aren’t. From sagging breasts to droopy buttocks, pregnancy can leave lasting reminders of all that your body went through.

At Cosmetic Surgery Center, Drs. Trent Fogleman and Paul Benien Jr. and our team specialize in both surgical and nonsurgical procedures that allow our clients in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, to achieve the bodies of their dreams. But for women who’ve been through pregnancy, the goal may be to simply regain what they’ve lost, and we can help.

Here’s a look at what happens to your body after pregnancy and how we can address these issues from breast to bottom.

Starting at the top

One of the most noticeable changes to your body, both during and after pregnancy, may be seen in your breasts. Your breasts have the all-important job of nourishing your child, and to do so they engorge with milk. This enlargement and subsequent deflation can leave you with sagging breasts, a condition known as ptosis. Unfortunately, this condition is often permanent, as the ligaments in your breasts are stretched beyond their ability to bounce back.

In some cases, women do regain their breasts, but many are left with sagging and even uneven breast sizes.

To restore your breasts to their previous shape and position (and maybe even make a few improvements), we offer a breast augmentation or a breast lift. In the first, we use implants to restore your breast size. With a breast lift, we draw your breasts back up on your chest and remove excess tissue.

Tackling your tummy

Think about what happens to your belly when you’re pregnant as it stretches to accommodate a growing baby. This stretching can leave you with separated abdominal muscles and flabby skin that’s been pushed past its limits. To address these issues, we offer the tummy tuck, a procedure in which we bring your abdominal muscles back together, remove excess fat if you opt for liposuction, and draw your skin taut, removing any excess.

Going around back

If your buttocks have changed shape, this is perfectly natural. When you’re pregnant, your musculature and connective tissues shift to support your growing belly, which often means that you lose that once-perky behind, which isn’t entirely necessary for carrying a child. As a result, after you give birth, you may find yourself with a flattened, larger, or drooping hind end.

To restore your behind to prepregnancy shape, we offer a Brazilian butt lift in which we remove excess fat from areas where you have some to spare and inject it into your behind, killing two birds with one stone.

Going down low

If you give birth vaginally, the process can wreak havoc on your genitalia, namely your labia. To tighten this tissue, we offer a labiaplasty in which we recontour the tissue, removing any excess that sags or twists uncomfortably.

Every woman’s journey through pregnancy is different, so we sit down with you to thoroughly review your changes and your goals and come up with the best mommy makeover plan for your unique situation.

If you’ve resolved to regain your prepregnancy body, we can get you there. Simply call our office or book a consultation online to get started.

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