Laser Therapy for Wrinkles: Smoother Skin Without Surgery

There are few certainties in life, but one that holds fast and true is the fact that we age, and with age comes the inevitable wrinkles and fine lines. If you’re frustrated by an outward appearance that doesn’t reflect your more youthful spirit on the inside, why not explore how laser skin resurfacing  & ARC Technology can create more harmony?

At Cosmetic Surgery Center, Drs. Trent Fogleman and Paul Benien Jr. excel in providing patients with a wide range of services that meet most every cosmetic goal. While we offer tried-and-true anti-aging surgeries, such as facelifts and neck lifts, we understand that surgery isn’t for everyone. 

Luckily, advancing laser technology is answering the call, allowing us to deliver dramatic anti-aging results without patients needing to undergo surgery. Here’s how.

Paving the way forward to smoother skin

Laser therapy is a unique approach to aging skin that taps your body’s own resources to rebuild your skin from within. 

At our practice, we feature two types of laser therapy: a CO2 laser and an Erbium laser. Each of these technologies delivers fractional energy into your dermis, which means we make a matrix of microchannels in your skin.

In turn, your body responds with a mild healing response and ramps up collagen production. These structural proteins fill in the channels of the matrix we create, lifting and smoothing the entire surface of your skin from within.

Laser skin resurfacing can also break up surface issues, such as scars or areas of hyperpigmentation.

PlasmaMD Pen is an exciting new treatment harnessing the power of the proprietary ARC Technology encompassed within the plasma energy. This minimally-invasive cosmetic treatment can unlock the skin’s potential for youthfulness and tighter, smoother skin with long-lasting results and high patient satisfaction.  

Less downtime, great results

In most cases, we perform your laser treatment in about an hour, and you’re free to return home afterward. You’ll likely experience some redness and minor swelling after your treatment, and the duration of these side effects depends on which laser technology we use. 

For example, if you opt for CO2 laser resurfacing, you can expect a week or two of redness and exfoliation as this technology better targets surface issues. The wait, however, is well worth it as a new, smoother surface emerges.

If you choose the Erbium laser, you should only have side effects for about a week, as the technology doesn’t affect the surface of your skin as much as the CO2 laser. With the Erbium laser, we deliver the energy into the deeper layers of your dermis to tackle deep lines and wrinkles.

The PlasmaMD Pen minimal social downtime is 5 -10 days. Following the post procedure protocol given to you is a key factor in optimizing your results and minimizing downtime.  Once the “carbon crusts” flake off completely, you can begin to wear makeup again.  Although results are often noticeable once the initial healing process ends, your results will continue to develop. 

The goal of Plasma Energy is to promote the development of your own collagen and elastin which can create additional improvements in your results the weeks and months following your treatment.  

To help you decide which laser therapy is best for you, we’re happy to sit down with you to review your goals, at which point we can recommend the right procedure. To get started, contact our office in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, to set up a consultation.

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