Five Bad Habits That Cause Lip Lines

You purse your lips and lines form around the edges that make you look almost comically older. Unfortunately, these lip wrinkles can become permanent fixtures, especially if you engage in certain bad habits.

To help delay or prevent lip lines, the lead doctors at Cosmetic Surgery Center, Dr. Trent Fogleman want to highlight a few lifestyle habits that contribute to lip lines.

1. Dry lips

Your lips are constantly exposed, which makes them prone to chapping. If you don’t protect them from the elements, this sensitive skin can become dry and cracked, which can accelerate the formation of lip lines.

We suggest that any time you head outdoors, you apply some lip protection and moisturizer. There are dozens of products on the market that perform double duty — they moisturize your lips at the same time as they protect them from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays with sunscreen. 

As well, you can pamper your lips overnight by applying a good lip moisturizer that can rehydrate and nourish your lips while you sleep.

2. Smoking

Every time you take a drag off a cigarette, you purse your lips, which is why lip lines are often referred to as “smokers’ lines.” There are hundreds of reasons why you should quit smoking and lip wrinkles certainly make this list.

3. Water bottles and straws

If you routinely drink fluids from a straw or a water bottle with a spout, you’re pursing your lips to suck the fluid into your mouth. Instead, ditch the straw or unscrew the cap of your water bottle to take a drink.

4. Loss of collagen

After the age of 20, you lose 1% collagen production a year, which means your skin is slowly losing crucial structural support. While there’s not much we can do about the forward march of time, you can boost your body’s ability to fight aging by eating a nutritious diet full of antioxidants (think fruits and vegetables).

5. Dead skin buildup

You wash your face regularly and exfoliate to clear away dead skin cells. We suggest you do the same for your lips with a specialized lip scrub that allows healthier skin to push through. You should use the scrub 2-3 times a week.

After lip lines have formed

If you’ve already developed lip lines, there are many ways we can reduce their appearance, such as:

To determine which approach is right for your lip lines, we invite you to contact our office in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, to set up a consultation.

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