Can You Reverse a Double Chin Without Surgery?

Can You Reverse a Double Chin Without Surgery?

You look in the mirror and realize that your chin has developed a twin below, and you don’t like the effect that this extra “chin” has on your face. Nor are you all that keen about restoring your chin to a solo act through surgery. Luckily, we offer a solution that can banish your double chin, without the need for surgery.

While our name suggests that we specialize in cosmetic surgery, and we do, we also offer nonsurgical aesthetic options that can help you look your very best. Under the direction of Dr. Trent Fogleman, the team here at Cosmetic Surgery Center is pleased to offer the only FDA-approved injectable treatment that tackles the fat under your chin.

It’s called Kybella®, and here’s how it works.

Double trouble

There are many reasons why people collect extra fat under their chins (the submental area), starting with carrying too much weight. Being overweight, however, isn’t the only reason, as aging can also play a role. As you age, your skin loses elasticity and tone, allowing fat to fall and collect in low points, such as under your chin.

Lastly, you may be genetically predisposed to a double chin, no matter your size or weight.

However your double chin developed, you don’t like the effect that it has on your appearance.

Enter Kybella

There’s a way we can surgically correct a double chin, but you’d rather find a less invasive route. For this reason, we offer Kybella, which is an injectable treatment that tackles the fat under your chin to improve your profile.

The ingredient in Kybella responsible for eliminating the fat in your submental area is a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid. The natural form of deoxycholic acid is found naturally in the human body and aids in breaking down and absorbing dietary fat. The synthetic version in Kybella acts in the same way and destroys the fat cells in your double chin. 

Getting started with Kybella

Eliminating your double chin with Kybella typically requires a series of sessions, which we space apart by a month. When you come in, we inject Kybella into several areas under your chin for best coverage. After a month, you come back in for your next Kybella treatment. 

As you progress through your treatments, which can be up to six depending upon the amount of submental fat, you’ll realize gradual results.

Once you reach your aesthetic goal, the good news is that those fat cells are gone for good and don’t regenerate, often making Kybella a one-time treatment.

If you’d like 2022 to be the year when you wave goodbye to your double chin, contact our office in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, to schedule your Kybella treatment.

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