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Facial Surgery Oklahoma

The face is one of the most distinct features of our physical identity, which is why so many people choose to undergo facial plastic surgery each year. Facial plastic surgery can be used to permanently correct, repair, restore or improve the appearance of your face.

Who Can Benefit From Facial Surgery Oklahoma?

Facial plastic surgery is elected to treat a variety of perceived facial abnormalities or imperfections. The most common facial plastic surgery procedures are designed to treat one or more of the following:

  • Disproportionate facial features
  • Significant signs of aging
  • Asymmetrical facial features
  • Structural abnormalities
  • Skin surface irregularities

One or more facial procedures may be elected to improve facial harmony or significantly reduce signs of aging on the face. Continue reading to learn more about facial plastic surgery procedures offered by Dr. Paul F. Benien.

Brow Lift Oklahoma City

Brow lifts are personalized surgical procedures that smooth and minimizes facial wrinkles and folds. They may be performed in a range of intensities to address your specific areas of concern.

Cheek Augmentation Oklahoma

The augmentation of the cheeks using implants can restore an increased sense of facial balance, bringing your various features together in greater harmony. With the surgical addition of cheek implants, your cheeks will be more prominent and your other facial features will be enhanced.

Chin Surgery Oklahoma City

Chin surgery in Oklahoma City is one of the most rapidly growing cosmetic surgical procedures, partially due to the increase in video communication. Augmenting the chin and removing excess fat and skin from the area can give you a more youthful and balanced appearance.

Dermabrasion Oklahoma City

Dermabrasion improves light facial wrinkles, atypical pigmentation and scarring through the use of mechanical exfoliation. This procedure can be performed with variable intensity to remove layers of damaged skin and let new, healthier skin grow in.

Ear Pinning Surgery Oklahoma City

Ear surgery can treat a number of deformities or irregularities in the ears, particularly protruding ears. This procedure decreases the angle that the ears make with the head, giving a more natural look. Ear surgery may be performed on adults, but is most commonly performed on children once their ears are fully grown.


Eyelid Surgery Oklahoma City

Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, can surgically remove excess fat and skin from upper or lower eyelids. This makes you look more youthful and healthy.


Facelift Surgery Oklahoma City

The face lift is one of the most effective procedures for eliminating facial lines and wrinkles. It can target all areas of the face and remove excess skin.

Facial Fat Grafting Oklahoma City

Facial fat grafting offers a twofold benefit to the body. Excess fat is removed from trouble areas and injected into the face, giving volume while slimming.


Lip Augmentation Oklahoma City

Lip augmentation gives fuller, more sensuous lips that may provide balance to the face. It may be performed with injections, tissue adjustment or implants.

Neck Lift Oklahoma City

A neck lift is an effective treatment for excess fat and sagging skin. It may treat jowls, double chins, and turkey wattles, making your neck more youthful.


Neck Liposuction Oklahoma City

The neck is often the first area to show signs of aging with the formation of jowls or double chins. This excess fat is easily removed through liposuction.