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Sculptra-oklahomaSculptra is an injectable wrinkle filler designed to reduce the effects of aging by replicating and promoting your body's natural processes of skin production and maintenance.

Typically administered through a series of up to four injections, Sculptra helps fill in the wrinkles, folds, and lines produced by aging, leaving behind younger- and healthier-looking skin. Sculptra is most effective in treating deep nasolabial folds between the nose and mouth, marionette lines around the corners of the lips, and chin wrinkles.

Am I a Candidate for Sculptra?

Skin damage, wrinkles, folds, and facial lines are all natural side effects of age. Sculptra works to reverse the processes responsible for these unwanted facial features by replacing your body's naturally produced collagen. Sculptra is intended to help any generally healthy individual who wants the healthier, younger-looking appearance that accompanies skin rejuvenation. The key is to become as informed as possible regarding the expected outcomes of Sculptra treatment. If these expectations match your health and body image goals, then Sculptra may be a good option.

Conditions that my complicate such treatment include:

  • Allergies to any product ingredients
  • History of keloid formation or hypertrophic scarring
  • Skin infections at injection sites

How Sculptra Works

Collagen is a naturally produced substance that helps your body grow and maintain healthy skin. With age, collagen production decreases, making it more difficult for your body to produce this type of skin. This leads to the introduction of wrinkles and other forms of skin damage.

Sculptra reduces the appearance of wrinkles, lines, and folds by replacing lost collagen. After being injected beneath the surface of the skin, Sculptra becomes a type of internal reinforcement, filling in for lost collagen and promoting the growth of healthy, strong, wrinkle-free skin. After receiving as many as four injections over the course of several weeks, you will experience long-lasting and effective results as your skin resumes its natural processes of skin growth, health, and maintenance.

What Happens After Sculptra Treatments?

Because Sculptra treatments are administered through a series of quick, noninvasive, and relatively pain free injections, there is little to no recovery period involved. Immediately following Sculptra injections, some amount of redness, bruising, swelling, bleeding, and itching is common at the site of injection. These side effects generally subside quickly, and use of a cold compress or mild painkillers may be helpful. In very rare cases, patients may experience small lumps under the skin after receiving an injection. If this occurs, see Dr. Benien and other healthcare professionals immediately.

After receiving your first Sculptra treatment, work with Dr. Benien to schedule additional follow-up treatments. After receiving up to four injections—all of which are spaced out three weeks apart—you should notice your skin becoming increasingly full, healthy, and vibrant. Typically, these results last up to two years.

Learn More About Sculptra In Oklahoma City

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