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Breast Lift Oklahoma City The breast lift surgery in OKC, or mastopexy procedure, involves the raising and reshaping of the breasts by removing excess tissue and supporting the breasts in a higher position.

Breast lift surgery procedure is an excellent option for those who wish to restore the appearance that their breasts once had, without increasing the size or adjusting the shape beyond that precedent. A breast lift procedure helps restore the look of the breasts, rejuvenating the body without serious alteration or the introduction of foreign material.

Candidates for Breast Lift Surgery

Ideal candidates for the breast lift procedure are healthy women who feel that their breasts have begun to sag, age, or are not symmetrically positioned. These problems may be produced by aging, breastfeeding and weight changes, or may be genetic.

Breast lifts procedures are able to address a number of problems with the breast. Some of these include:

  • Uneven breast position
  • Stretched breast skin
  • Wide areolas due to stretched breasts
  • Downward-pointing areolas and nipples
  • Nipples hanging below the breast crease
  • Flat, sagging breasts

To ensure the best healing and procedural outcome, patients should stop smoking, hold a steady weight, exercise and maintain a healthy diet.

How a Breast Lift Works

The procedure begins with general anesthetic or intravenous sedation administration. Incisions are made in a circle around the nipple. Additional incisions may be made in a line from the nipple to the breast crease if additional tissue must be removed.

The nipple remains attached to the body and excess breast tissue around the nipple is removed. Skin around the edge of the nipple is removed if desired to decrease the size of the areola. The nipple is then repositioned in a more central location and sutured in place for support. Excess skin is removed, and the incisions are closed using fine sutures for minimal scarring.

What Happens After a Breast Lift Surgery?

A bandage is applied to the incision areas, and a compression garment may be given to minimize swelling and bruising. This garment may need to be worn for two weeks to support the breasts, which will need additional support for a few months.

The incisions may take a few days to heal, and the swelling may require a few weeks to recede enough for the effects of the procedure to be noticeable. Within a few weeks, normal activities may be resumed, though strenuous activity may need to wait four to six weeks. The scarring will continue to get less distinct for the next six months.

Learn More about the Breast Lift In Oklahoma City

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